Koufos Images

Antoni Koufos has been a professional photographer since 1980. His experience of 30 years, allows him to make his own mark on his photographs, like an artist applies brushstrokes to a painting.

The love and admiration he receives makes him one of the most valued and respected photographers in the island of Rhodes and beyond.

With the discreet title of Koufos Images, he opened one of the first professional laboratories dedicated to photography. Installed with state of the art technology and utilised with confidence, he has created an atmosphere of quality and modernity. Using only specialised equipment for printing and special effects, it offers photography services of the highest quality.

Covering any social event almost without break is how he learned and honed his craft, using what he could see through the lens of his camera.

To date it has been our privilege to be the official photographers for hundreds of weddings of all nationalities, here in Rhodes. We pride ourselves on our ability to supply at the highest level, a complete wedding photography service.

For many years now Antonis has collaborated with the leading agencies providing marriage services in Rhodes. This has led to innumerable testimonials of the highest regard for the quality of his work.

This confirms the personal objective of Antonis - to capture genuine moments of happiness and create indelible pictures you will remember forever.